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Advantages of Tally ERP 9

1-Powerful remote capabilities that boost collaboration
2-Easy to find qualified personnel
3-Easy to customise
4-Low cost of ownership via quick implementation, Tally Integrator, Support Centre...


Every business entity has its own goal and moves towards achieving them. To be successful entities has to maintain its book of accounts properly, to support the business entity Tally helps to maintain, retrieve and timely accounting of the data with ease manner.

To full fill legal requirements - records as per standards and practices
• To pay taxes to various bodies - statutory needs
• Keep the business running - manage receivables & payables, cash, bank...
• Keep a watch on the pulse of the organisation - key performance indicators
• Respond to queries - to locate the right transaction immediately Tally has been perfecting this 'simple' recording - accounting - for over twenty years. All this to deliver better, faster and more flexible ways to fulfill your needs, not just maintain books of accounts.
A few examples will illustrate:
1- With the entry of a voucher (this is what we call all accounting transactions) all books of accounts, all reports, all totals & sub-totals are updated instantly. There is nothing more that needs to be done - whether you are inserting a forgotten entry, or correcting one
2- Taxation requirements of all the states of India are available, in the prescribed formats
3- Supporting tasks like reminder letters, delayed interest, ageing, bank reconciliation
4- One single dashboard to look at all important business ratios
5- Drill down from any report, even the Balance Sheet, right to any voucher or filter and search
6- Data entry in the language of the users choice - and report in any other language (from the languages supported)
7- Mark vouchers that are draft as 'optional' and convert these to final- with one button click


Exciting advances make Data Synchronisation ideal for tying-up distributed business environments such as branch offices, distributors or vendors, retail chains, with the Head Office, or even any business with footprints across multiple geographies. Data Synchronisation in Tally.ERP 9 makes two sets of data identical, enabling a user to work with data that is current and the same as data at a central location.


Taxation is essential for maintaining a successful and compliant business but is also a time consuming task and potentially expensive if ‘compliance is not achieved’. Tally Accounts offers a wide range of tax services both for business and individual needs. Our attention to detail will ensure compliance is achieved whilst providing the maximum return for our customers.
India has a well-developed three-tier Federal tax structure comprising of the Union Government, the State Governments and the Urban/Rural local bodies. Taxes and duties are levied by the three tiers of Government, in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Constitution.
• The Union Government is primarily responsible for taxes on Income, Custom Duties, Central Excise and Service Tax
• State Governments are responsible for levying State Excise, Stamp Duty, VAT (Value Added Tax), Land Revenue and Professional Tax
• The local bodies are also authorised to impose tax on properties, Octroi and many more

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